Take the time to celebrate yourself by using gratitude.

Yesterday I wrote about unhealthy social comparison which can damage your self-esteem and continue your negative thoughts about yourself. In a world that’s so focused on competition and productivity, people face far too many stressors on a daily basis. Stress accumulates and can contribute to anxiety and depression which makes self-care even more important. However, people often find it hard to take the time to nourish their minds and bodies by using self-care. Some people may think that taking the time to go to a yoga class, catch up with a friend, or read a book might slow them down and make them less productive. In fact, self-care is necessary and can help counteract the effect stress has on your body and mind.

It can be hard to quiet the chatter of our minds and just be with ourselves. Ever try to meditate or do a resting pose in yoga and suddenly have about 10 notifications pop up in your head from your ever-growing to-do list? I’ve been there. It can be hard to focus on the positive when it feels like everything is going wrong, or everyone is against you. Maybe you feel guilty because you’re not accomplishing as much as you’d like to.

I’d like to invite you to allow yourself 5-10 minutes today of quiet reflection.

What can you celebrate about yourself today?

My clients sometimes struggle when I ask them this question.  Our view of achievement and success can be so skewed in a fast-paced world. Think about the things you did today. If you struggle with depression but got out of bed today, put on some clothes, and got your kid(s) to school, that’s cause to celebrate.

Did you nourish your body in some way through food, meditation or a favorite activity?

Maybe you were offered a new job this week or met your goal for exercising or eating healthy. That’s fantastic!

In your quiet reflection I invite you to practice using gratitude today.

Using gratitude can help people achieve: decreased depressive symptoms, increased happiness, life satisfaction and overall well-being (Dickens 2017).

What are 3 things your body and/or mind allowed you to do today? Once you’ve come up with your list, thank yourself for showing up, being present and allowing yourself to recognize your success today.

When you practice using gratitude you become more open to celebrating your success, recognizing the positivity around you and allowing happiness to enter your life.


Thank yourself for being you.

You’re the ONLY one who knows how to do that.


If you’d like to let me know how your experience was with practicing gratitude, feel free to message me or find me on Facebook.


As always, let me know how I may be of benefit.

Peace and wellness,






Leah R. Dickens (2017). Using Gratitude to Promote Positive Change: A Series of Meta-Analyses Investigating the Effectiveness of Gratitude Interventions, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 39:4, 193-208, DOI: 10.1080/01973533.2017.1323638

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